What to do if car is submerged in water

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Hopefully there will never be a time in your life where you have to worry about your car being submerged in water.

But in the wake of the Baltimore Bridge Collapse last week, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared as possible and save your life in case tragedy strikes.

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If you ever have a car that gets submerged in water, follow these tips for survival.

1. Stay calm

This might be difficult, especially in the heat of the moment. But just keeping your cool and putting your brain to work right away instead of panicking will greatly improve chances of survival.

2. Take immediate action

There won’t be much time at all before the car sinks below the water and escape becomes difficult, if not impossible. There might only be 30 to 60 seconds before the car starts sinking.

Waiting to open a window or a door until the car is underwater will likely be fatal, because the water pressure will make it just about impossible to open those.

3. Follow S.W.O.C.

Before the car starts to sink, follow this acronym:

S - Seat belts off

W - Windows open

O - Out immediately

C - Children first

4. If you need to break a window, this can be an option

If the windows won’t open and you need to break one for escape, don’t try and break the windshield as it will be the strongest one. You can try and break one of the other windows by removing the headrest and using the bottom tongs. Be sure to strike the lower corner of a window instead of the center.

5. Escape through an open or broken window

This might require you to swim. If that’s the case, don’t kick your feet until being clear of the car so not to injure any other passengers. Propel upward with your arms.

Again, hopefully you will NEVER have to do this in your life. But it never hurts to know what to do just in case.

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