Family exhumes remains, finds cemetery mistreated gravesite

Viral video shows exactly what family found after doing some literal digging

A family exhumes the gravesite of their father upon suspicion the site was mistreated by the cemetery. (WDIV)

So much for resting in peace. Unfortunately, that’s what a family in Michigan found out when it asked to have remains exhumed from a cemetery.

This happened in 2022 and is a part of a series where we are looking back at viral videos.

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The video had more than 4.7 million views at the time this article was published.

The family asked to have the grave of their father exhumed, and after digging for more information, found out that trash and other debris were placed on their father’s remains in the roughly 30 years since his death.

Watch what was found in the video above.

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