Recording device in toddler’s jacket captures threats from day care workers to kids

Employees of day care directed profane language toward young children

Parents of a toddler put a recording device in her jacket to help expose workers at a San Antonio day care center who were using profane language and threatening harm to kids. (Via KSAT)

Parents who trusted their young daughter to a day care facility were shocked to discover a change in her behavior, and decided to find out more.

What ensued was a stunning discovery of mistreatment by workers at the facility.

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This happened last year and is a part of a series where we are looking back at viral videos.

The video had more than 4.4 million views at the time this article was published.

In order to get to the bottom of what was happened, a couple sewed a recording device on their daughter’s jacket.

The device caught workers at the San Antonio facility directing profanity at children, with one even threatening harm.

Watch the full video above, or click or tap here.

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