10 activities that will improve hand-eye coordination

This is something that’s not just important for those who play sports or an instrument

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Having good hand-eye coordination isn’t just for athletes and musicians.

It’s actually an essential trait for those living an everyday life. Whether it’s getting dressed, driving or writing, having good hand-eye coordination can improve quality of life.

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But what are ways hand-eye coordination can be improved? Here are 10 activities that are helpful for hand-eye coordination, according to GoodRx Health.

1. Swimming

When swimming, the brain is forced to use the mind’s eye because you often use arms and hands outside of the field of vision, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

2. Tai chi

An ancient practice of balance exercises, slow movements and mediation, this can enhance hand-eye coordination by 20% after three months, according to a study from Europe PMC.

3. Playing catch

Reaction time and processing speed are enhanced greatly by this activity. Throwing a ball against a wall or doing standing ball toss can also be helpful for hand-eye coordination.

4. Juggling

With the multiple tasks this activity requires, it improves your reflexes, reaction time and spatial awareness.

5. Puzzle solving

Hand-eye coordination is improved through this activity because it forces you to recognize patterns, focus and strategize.

6. Drawing/painting

The precise work that drawing or painting requires helps develop interaction between the hands and eyes.

7. Darts

Sensory input, cognitive skills and motor skills are required for this activity, which improves hand-eye coordination through continuous targeted throwing.

8. Video games

Those who like to get outside or have their kids get outside might not like to hear this, but playing video games does improve hand-eye coordination. Video games help with sensorimotor learning, which is using senses and motor movement to interact with the environment.

9. Sewing, knitting

Through the enhancement of pattern recognition, focus and motor skills, sewing or knitting helps brain health and hand-eye coordination.

10. Racquet sports

Whether it’s tennis, badminton, racquetball, sports that require a racquet strengthen depth perception, peripheral vision and motor memory.

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