‘Home Alone’ house on sale for 2nd time since iconic movie was filmed

House is located in suburban Chicago

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Don’t let Joe Pesci or Daniel Stern know.

The house used in the famous movie “Home Alone” is up for sale in suburban Chicago.

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Located on 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois, the house hit the market over the weekend for the second time since the 1990 film was released.

It first hit the market in 2012 and sold for $1.58 million, and the current owners stand to net quite a profit from the resale.

The home is listed for a price of $5.25 million.

To view a video tour of the home courtesy of YouTube, click or tap here.

The video depicts a luxurious and different home than what fans might remember from the movie.

Instead of a scary radiator, the basement features a movie theatre and mini-basketball court with a 3-point line.

The attic that looked run down in the movie is now a beautifully modified bedroom.

If you have millions in the bank and are a fan of the movie, this could be quite an opportunity to own a piece of American cinema history!

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