Survey: 57 percent of people admit to calling in sick when they were not actually ill

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(WSLS 10) - A new survey suggests a majority of Americans collectively roll their eyes when a coworker calls in sick.

According to a survey conducted by Cold-EEZE, 80 percent of people admitted - sometimes they think their coworkers are lying when they say they're too ill to come to work. And seven-percent think their coworkers are always lying.

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According to Cold-EEZE, common red flags for someone calling in sick are - but not really being sick - include:

  • Calling in sick on Monday or Friday
  • Calling in sick after or before vacation time
  • Calling in sick, but appearing fine at work the day before

And the survey shows, many were willing to admit they called in sick when they weren't actually under the weather.

A whopping 57 percent of people admitted to calling in sick when they felt fine.

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Some of the most popular excuses used include a scheduled doctor's appointment, an upset stomach or a toothache.

The folks at Cold-EEZE said people reported faking sick because they have something else to do, or they need to relax or catch up on sleep. A small percentage of people blame it on the bad weather.

On average, the survey showed people fake sickness about three times a year. And while only 92 percent of people said they've never been caught, eight-percent have had to take the heat.

Finally, the survey showed the most popular months for calling out of work: December, January and February.

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