5 ways walking can be better than running

Running might burn more calories short-term, but walking has these advantages

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There’s nothing like taking a walk, but there is one question many might have while doing so.

So, how does walking compare to running?

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It might seem like a no-brainer that running is better for you, because it’s more intense and requires more physical effort. But walking has some clear advantages.

Here are five reasons why walking can actually be better than running, according to the website Verywellfit.

1. Fewer injuries.

Runners impact the ground three times their body weight with each step, in comparison to 1.5 times the body weight for walkers. With running, this can have a negative effect on joints and tendons in the feet.

2. Walking is more sustainable.

It’s not easy for some to run for long periods of time with how much it gets the heart rate going and how tiring it can be. However, walking can help someone pace themselves better -- and not only be more sustainable over a long period of time, but comfortable. Walkers don’t usually hit a wall of fatigue like runners do.

3. Walking has social benefits.

Walkers might have more of an ability to enjoy the surroundings of a trail or park. It’s also exercise that is better suited for conversation, and can be an enjoyable social activity with a friend, partner or pet.

4. Not as much sweat.

For those who aren’t comfortable sweating, walking has a definite advantage over running. This can also negate the need to shower after exercise or get heat-related illnesses.

5. No special clothes or preparation.

You can just as easily walk for a period of time in jeans and comfortable loafers or sandals, which is not the case for runners, who have to make sure they have running shoes and other athletic gear.

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