🐾 PET PHOTOS: Show your fur baby some love for National Love Your Pet Day

Send in your pics via Pin It for a chance to see your precious pets on TV and online

In celebration of National Love Your Pet Day, we wanna show your furry friends some love by showing them off on TV and online. (Canva)

Let’s be real - pets are a part of the family and they deserve all the head kisses, belly rubs and treats their little hearts desire.

Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day, but now it’s time to show our furry friends some love as well with National Love Your Pet Day.

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In honor of the love-filled holiday, we wanna see YOUR pet pics (I mean, who doesn’t love a cute dog or cat photo?!). Whether you have an adorable doggo, a sassy cat or even a capybara, we wanna see them all!

Shannon Edwards

LOL the team just said capybaras are cute because they aren’t running around your house! Steve was offended! Instagram: eldaduin

For a chance to let your precious pets shine like the superstars that they are, send in your pet pics via Pin It!

Wondering how it works? No worries, it’s a piece of cake!

How to use Pin It:

  • Upload your photo to Pin It under the Precious Pets channel
  • Include your pet’s name in the description (optional)
  • Hit submit
  • Give your pet an extra belly rub or treat, they deserve it
  • Be on the lookout for your fur babies during our newscasts and on our social media platforms

Once you upload your pictures, you should see them below:

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