Thanks to Allstate and the United Way

Thanks to Allstate and the United Way (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

Just a quick note about a touching moment that happened today.

Allstate invited me to come speak about Saint Francis Service Dogs as part of their United Way kick off.  The idea, of course, is to show the good that non-profits do in the community so people will understand the value of giving.

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I asked my friend, Leigh Brill to bring her service dog, Pato and share some of her personal triumphs.  She said she was nervous speaking after me because I am a professional speaker. 


I gave a little background about the organization, and then Leigh with Pato sitting beside her wheelchair, talked about how Pato and her two previous service dogs have changed her life.

By the time she was done telling about how the dog helps her when she's is sick without her even asking, about how he helps her do the laundry and "just knows when I need help..." People were beginning to weep.

When she was done, the folks there in the Allstate cafeteria gave her a standing ovation.

It gave me chills. 

Thought I would share.

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