Franklin County man receives 15-year sentence in human trafficking case

Tremayne Rontae Kirby - held at Western Virginia Regional Jail (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A Franklin County man, who forced a local woman to engage in prostitution through the use of physical violence and threats, was sentenced Tuesday in Roanoke.

Tremayne Rontae Kirby, 25, of Franklin County, Va., plead guilty in August to one count of recruiting, harboring and causing an individual, listed as "Victim One" in the Indictment, to engage in commercial sex through force, threats of force, fraud and coercion (Human Trafficking) and one count of using interstate commerce to promote an enterprise involving prostitution.

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Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Kirby was sentenced to 15 years of federal incarceration to be followed by 10 years of supervised release.

Kirby will also pay $11,000 in restitution to "Victim One."

According to United States Attorney Anthony P. Giorno, Kirby, who was indicted earlier this year, admitted that he, along with other individuals, operated a prostitution enterprise involving multiple women in Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey.

Kirby used the money generated from the prostitution enterprise to pay for hotels, buy illegal drugs and provide food for himself and the women he used.

The defendant posted prostitution advertisements on internet websites, which included pictures of the women and prices for their services. Kirby secured hotel rooms and transportation for meetings with "Johns."

From January 2014 to May 2014, Kirby prostituted "Victim One," authorities say. Kirby admitted that on many occasions, Victim One did not want to engage in sex acts but did so at the defendant's insistence. To gain Victim One's compliance, Kirby hit, body-slammed, shook, and threatened her.

Kirby also regularly carried a gun in his waistband. Victim One had a drug habit, which was fed by Kirby and the lifestyle in which she was forced to live. At times Kirby withheld drugs until she performed prostitution services. Kirby kept virtually all of the proceeds Victim One generated through the compelled prostitution activity.

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