End of an era: Boones Mill PD parts ways with high-speed hot rods

BOONES MILL (WSLS 10) – For 25 years the Boones Mill police department has been known for it's roaring muscle cars.

After police were unable to chase down high speed drivers, they started the legacy with the departments first Camaro in the mid 1980's.

The first two camero's owned by the Boones Mill Police Department. Photo Courtesy Glenn Frith

Police Chief and active patrolman Dennis Deacon says the muscle cars changed that. He's been with the department since 2006.

"It's unlikely would every get away from it. As far as I know, nobody ever did," Deacon said.  "It's a status symbol for the community."

The chase is now in the police departments favor. For those willing to risk it, those flashing blue lights won't be far behind.

"You don't speed through Boones Mill. You're not going to get away," Deacon said. "Lynn my predecessor really built that legacy with the muscle cars over the past 25 years."

A legacy that's continued with Deacon who now drives the departments GTO, complete with a Corvette engine.

The public takes notice. On the road, people are always waving and honking their horn as they drive by the patrol vehicle. The police department even takes the car for school visits.

"We get a lot of attention from people out of state. They say 'oh I've never seen a police GTO,' Deacon said. "You probably never will again."

Dennis Deacon waves at passerby's one the road.

As sweet as it is, the small space has it's downfalls, and prevents them from transporting prisoners. The legacy of hot rods is ending as the needs of policing are changing.

"Law enforcement 20 years ago is nothing like it is now," Deacon said. He says today the job requires more equipment to be carried on the go. That's a problem for a two door sports car.

Deacon says as traffic increased on Route 220, the amount of extreme high speed drivers have decreased. Newer roads and signage from VDOT has also made the road safer. Deacon says the departments focus is now geared more toward calls from the public that aren't traffic related.

The GTO is now for sale. Similar cars sell between ten and twenty thousand dollars, especially for collectors who want to add unique police vehicles to their collectible fleet.

The GTO comes with original equipment, and even the one-of-a-kind police wrap on the side.

It's a bittersweet move for the department, and for Deacon who says he will miss the sound and the speed of the departments hot rod.

As soon as the GTO sells, the police department will drive a white 2014 dodge charger. It may not look as cool, but it goes just as fast.

Interested in becoming the new owner of the GTO? Click here.

Boones Mill GTO

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