Storm drenches Alleghany County Monday for second time in one week

ALLEGHANY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Another shower came Monday night for people in Covington and Alleghany County after last week's flooding disaster there.

This round was much smaller, but still caused damage and closed several streets.

The weather brought down a power line on Route 60 in Clifton Forge.

Shane Snyder lives on the river and says his basement flooded five feet Thursday night with valuable items inside.

"The letters my granddad wrote to his parents when he was in World War 2, the pictures, pictures of his parents, and who knows their parents before them. That's stuff you can't replace," said Snyder.

But just as he thought the worst was over, more rain got into his house Monday.

"As you know, the ground is saturated, and it's starting to seep through the walls again. As long as it's seep water, I can deal with that, but the river water, that would be bad news again," said Snyder.

Across town, another man said his and his son's business caved in last week due to rainfall.

Alleghany County police and rescue teams say the historic storms in just one week will mean at least months of recovery.

"The damage that I've seen here in the Callaghan/Dunlap Creek area is some of the worst and it even tops the flood of 85 as far as the water level and the damage that some of these homes sustained," said County Public Safety Director Ryan Muterspaugh.

Although the heavy rains seem to have subsided, Snyder says from now on, he's staying packed and ready to leave at a moment's notice.

"I'm just prepared to just go," said Snyder.