Danville's Schoolfield Dam undergoing inspection

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Danville's Schoolfield Dam is undergoing an inspection.

A three-man team from Marine Solutions, a Kentucky-based company, began inspecting the dam Tuesday, primarily focusing on surveying the dam from above the water, using a boat.

On Wednesday, the team will continue surveying the dam, including sending divers down to inspect the gates.

This is a routine inspection that is done every few years to look at the dam's structure.

The last inspection was done in 2014.

"We're just looking for deterioration and the condition of the structure out there, be it the concrete or the steel under water as well as a little above surface," explained Brad Caroland, a diver and dive supervisor with Marine Solutions.

He said the water quality is not ideal, but the dive should still yield some useful information.

"We should get a little bit of video and be able to dictate out notes and be able to get those down on paper, get those back to our professional engineers back in the office and let them make the determination of the condition of the dam," Caroland said.

Once the survey is complete, the company will give their recommendations to the city and the city will then decide what, if anything, will be done to the dam.

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