Church vandalized for 2nd time in as many weeks

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - For the second time in two weeks, River Oak Church of God Pastor Ron Hill arrived for Sunday service to find his church vandalized.

"One of our leaders noticed when he parked that there was vandalism on the wall," Pastor Hill recalled.

A black swastika had been spray painted.

What appears to be a partial black 'w' was also spray painted around the corner.

"It's just a heart-wrenching thing to come in and see your property damaged. Sad for the people who did it; to think that they're that angry, that hostile," said Pastor Hill.

Swastikas, the Nazi 'SS' symbol, and the words 'white pride' were spray painted on this retaining wall in the 100 block of Riverview Dr.

Just two weeks ago, Black Lives Matter references were spray painted on two churches, including River Oak Church of God.

"It's very disappointing that people would try to divide the community," said Ebony Guy, a community organizer and representative for the Black Lives Matter movement in Danville.

She says all of the graffiti is frustrating because it hurts their efforts to try to create unity and peace in the city.

"We're not anti-police, we're pro-community. So, we're trying to find positive ways to work together," Guy explained.

Pastor Hill believes faith is one such way, especially for whomever has been vandalizing the church.

"We're all about love and forgiveness. We don't hold any anger or hatred against anyone. It would be great to see those people come in and fellowship with the church," Pastor Hill said.

The church is now in the process of installing security cameras in and around the building.

Another church just down the street on W. Main St. also had a swastika spray painted on the door over the weekend.

Call Danville police at (434) 793-0000 if you have any information about these incidents.