Rally held in Danville to encourage Congress to improve, expand affordable health care

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - A candlelight vigil is planned for Tuesday evening outside the Danville Regional Medical Center to honor those who have died because they couldn't get the health care they needed.

The vigil follows a rally held Tuesday afternoon outside Rep. Tom Garrett's Danville office.

Garrett is the U.S. Representative for Virginia's 5th congressional district, which includes Danville.

The rally and the vigil were organized by the Danville chapter of Virginia Organizing.

At the rally, people shared their personal stories as a way to emphasize the need to expand and improve the Affordable Care Act, rather than repeal it.

Specifically, they say premiums and deductibles need to be reduced, along with the cost of prescription drugs and more needs to be done to give more people access to doctors and hospitals.

"There are probably things that need to be fixed, but we definitely want to implore Congressman Garrett and representatives in Washington to look at the Affordable Care Act; not repeal it, not replace it," said Virginia Organizing representative Ebony Guy.

The organization plans to hold similar events across the state throughout the month.

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