Martinsville restaurants looking forward to race weekend

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) - Businesses in Martinsville are preparing for a busy weekend because of the STP 500 NASCAR race.

One of those is the Butchers and Brew restaurant.

The owners of Butchers and Brew expect to be very busy starting Friday, but at the very least, they hope to be busier than they were for the October 2016 race.

One of the co-owners, Josh Snider, said the race may have actually hurt business then, with people going to the race instead of coming out to eat at the restaurant.

Plus, the restaurant had only been open at its new location for about a month when the race came to town so many race fans likely were not aware of the restaurant.

Looking at the restaurant Thursday afternoon, one might have thought that still holds true but thanks to Google Snider's hoping that will change.

"Now, you can find us on Google and stuff like that. So, I really hope that people coming to town will actually be able to find us on Google and they can find us that way," Snider explained.


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