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Danville man sentenced for shooting, killing 15-year-old

Aaron Thomas sentenced to three years and three months

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DANVILLE, Va. – A Danville man will spend more than three years behind bars for killing a 15-year-old.

Aaron Thomas was sentenced Tuesday morning.

In July, he was convicted of possession of a firearm by a nonviolent felon, discharging a firearm in public causing injury, and voluntary manslaughter for shooting and killing Sean Claiborne.

According to online court records, Thomas was sentenced to four years in prison with two suspended for the possession of a firearm charge.

He was sentenced to four years in prison with all suspended for the charge of discharging a firearm and he was sentenced to 10 years with eight years and nine months suspended for the voluntary manslaughter charge.

According to Danville Commonwealth Attorney Michael Newman, the shooting was the result of an argument over the sale of a laptop.

On the night of the shooting, Claiborne and another man went to an apartment to buy a laptop.

The laptop was purchased, but upon realizing that it needed a pass-code to use an argument ensued.

Claiborne pulled out a gun and started arguing with the seller.

Eventually, Thomas came out and attempted to break up the argument.

But according to Newman, the argument continued and Thomas eventually shot Claiborne multiple times.