Virginia Tech expert opposes lifting ban on surplus military gear

BLACKSBURG, Va.- – A Virginia Tech expert is concerned about a recent decision by the Trump administration to restore the flow of surplus military gear to police.

Wornie Reed, director of the Race and Social Policy Center at Virginia Tech, says the idea of civilian law enforcement agencies supplied with military gear is a move he's been against for decades.

"It should go and stay with the military.  Period. Police don't need it," Reed said.

President Barack Obama tightened restrictions in 2015 preventing armored vehicles, large-caliber weapons and other heavy equipment from being repurposed from the use of war and into the hands of local agencies.
But recently, President Trump lifted the ban. Reed says the police and military should be kept separate.

"Wether it's intended or not. It functions as a scare tactic. And this means we have infringement on constitutional rights. Especially first amendment rights," Reed said.