Program provides new shoes to students at 2 Henry County elementary schools

Students at Collinsville Primary, John Redd Smith get new shoes

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Students at two Henry County elementary schools will be wearing some new shoes home this weekend.

As part of a community outreach program through the Vision Assembly Church of God and Convoy of Hope Rural Compassionate Ministries, each student at Collinsville Primary and John Redd Smith Elementary School is receiving a free pair of shoes.

"They measured the kids' feet at the end of September," said Principal Judy Edmonds. "So we have been anxiously awaiting and today is the day."

"They were so excited," said Marla Moore, the senior pastor at Vision Assembly Church of God. "One little girl asked me, 'Do I get to keep these?' And I said, 'Absolutely, they're yours to take home.'"

The church is across the street from the schools and wanted to do the program as a way to build a friendship with the school community and help in the quality of life for students.

"I think it's always fun to get a new pair of shoes," said Edmonds. "I know I like to go shopping and I think the kids feel like it's their shopping day today."

As part of the ongoing mission, the church has also provided breakfast or lunch to teachers at both schools during professional development days.