Dearington Elementary students depict famous Africa-Americans in live museum

Fifth-graders educate classmates about famous, Virginia-born African Americans

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It's the last day of Black History Month, and fifth-graders at Dearington Elementary School for Innovation wanted their classmates to learn about some famous and Virginia-born African-Americans who made an impact in history. 

In a live museum, students depicted historical figures like Booker T. Washington, Arthur Ashe and Nat Turner.

Over the course of the month, the students researched their famous person, and wrote their own biography and created their own costumes.

Their social studies teacher, Sarah Coleman, said its important for children to know successful African-Americans who made a difference in society.

"If you know where you came from and you know the people around you, you tend to be a little bit more successful and show a little bit more interest in school-- and the more interest we can show in reading and school, the more successful we can be," Coleman said.

Coleman said the fifth grade students will soon learn more about Virginia history in the 20th Century and will be tested on some of the people they depicted.

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