Danville Life Saving Crew begins new class to 'stop the bleed'

Class offers trauma treatment training for mass casualty events

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville Life Saving Crew is offering a new class that could help save your life during a mass casualty event.

The class is called "Stop The Bleed."

It teaches first aid and CPR training for businesses and organizations, and it's free.

The hope is that employees of the businesses or members of the organizations will be able to help treat victims until paramedics arrive.

Instructor Brian Fox said a lot of people seem to be interested in the class.

"We've had several local churches here in town also that have already reached out to us, where some of our members go," Fox said.

"Some of the members of the life saving crew and some of the instructors at the Danville Area Training Center have rolled it out to some of their folks at churches and civic organizations, and they're all on board with it."

Classes can be taken at the Danville Area Training Center or the instructors will come to your business or organization.

Fox said the Danville Police Department and Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office have agreed to help the Danville Life Saving Crew spread the word about the class.

To schedule a class, contact the Danville Life Saving Crew at 434-792-1871.

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