How to avoid road rage incidents

Investigation into alleged road rage incident on Blue Ridge Parkway continues

ROANOKE, Va. – Law enforcement officers continue to investigate a possible road rage shooting that happened on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke County on Tuesday.

Ten News is working to learn the name of the man who died. Roanoke police confirmed that the other person allegedly involved is a former police officer with their department who retired as a lieutenant in 2006. 10 News isn't identifying him by name because investigators haven't charged him with anything.

Tuesday's incident could be at least the area's third road rage incident since the start of the year. One incident happened in Montgomery County on New Year's Day. Another road rage incident happened in Pulaski County on Jan. 2.

Jim Stepp, the owner of Brambleton Driving School and an instructor, said he's seen changes in how people react behind the wheel.

“A lot of us like to rush up to the last minute and get out there and we put ourselves in a position where we’re going to be a little more aggressive," Stepp said. "There’s just not as much room out there now as there used to be with all of the different vehicles on the road.”

Stepp advised if you find yourself in a dangerous situation with an aggressive driver don't hit your brakes, cut the other driver off or gesture at the other driver. Simply pull over. He said it's important not to overreact.

“You’ll have people pull right beside you and just stare at you," Stepp said. "Don’t up the ante. Don’t stare back at them because a lot of times we feel like we’ve got to be aggressive also and you never know what kind of person that’s going to be.”

Stepp said call 911 if you need to.

"If you feel like someone is following you, make three rights. Make a right turn, if they're still following you, make another right turn, if they're still following you make a third right turn. If they're still on your tail after three right turns you need to dial 911," Stepp said.

He said if you're the person driving aggressively, take a moment to cool off.

“Calm yourself down a little bit. Listen to music you like. Get yourself down in a calm mood. Think of calm things," Stepp said.

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