Outpouring of support continues for families hit hard by tornado in Amherst County

Gleaning for the World, Madison Heights Baptist Church help families

AMHERST, Va. – Chris Vega and his family no longer have a home since an EF3 tornado tore their house apart.
While waiting for their insurance company to assess the damage, they're staying at the home of his wife's parents in Lynchburg.

Today, Vega came back to Elon and stopped at Gleaning for the World's supplies distribution.

"Its awesome (that) there's organizations like that, that are able to provide the help when there's a need," Vega said.

Gleaning for the World employees helped Vega and his daughter pick out essential items such as: baby supplies, toiletries, snacks, and drinks.  

"To be able to repurpose so close to home-- but you know, we work in so many different disasters. And to have one at home and to be able to (have) so much more of our staff and our volunteers," said Mark O'Brien, warehouse manager for Gleaning for the World.

A 15 minute drive away, in Madison Heights, community members are easing the load for families. Volunteers with Madison Heights Baptist Church washed and cleaned clothes that had been recovered in the rubble.

"You just feel compelled to do it. There's a need. It restores your faith in humankind. It really does," said Sonny Harvey, Madison Heights Baptist Church member.

Vega said his  the faith in humankind has been restored too.

"But if everyone was able to act that way all the time, regardless of a diaster or emergency, think how much better as a society, us as people, even just as Americans, would be able to thrive and succeed," Vega said.

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