Tree sitters expand to Franklin County to protest MVP

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – Carolyn Reilly and her family own Four Corners Farm. It's a local farm to fork business where they also live.
As pipeline fighters from the very beginning, they launched tree sits called "Little Teal Crossing" to take part in the fight. 

The tree sitters didn't come down to talk but one did wave to us 75 feet off the ground overlooking Little and Teel creeks. They're sitting in the direct path of the pipeline and in the middle of the Four Corners Farm.

"The Roanoke logperch, which is an endangered [fish] species, and right now is their spawning season. It's spring and it's that time of year so they are mating right now as we know it. MVP hopes to run it through our bottom land where our cows are right now," said Carolyn Reilly. 

The family started Little Teel Crossing to protect the waters, their home and land, and the land of others who live in the area.

"There's been no activity of tree cutting within about four miles and yet we are being filed against in court, saying we are in contempt of court," Reilly said. 

And they say they will continue to fight for what is right and will win. 

"We aren't here to hurt anybody, and that includes the industry we are up against. We want to honor all of life," Reilly said.