Election Day preparations continue on eve of the big day

ROANOKE, Va. – We are just one day away from local elections as candidates and the region continue to prep for the big day. 

 People have been training for more than two months at the voter election registration building in Roanoke City.
With 20 locations and more than 60,000 registered voters in the Star City, election officials are hoping for a big turnout

“For the last three City Council elections turnout has diminished with each election and it’s disheartening when upwards of 90 percent of voters don't participate in the process. I'm hoping people come out and vote, because it’s quick and easy,” said director of elections Andrew Cochran.

 If you are not sure where you are supposed to go to vote, be sure to check your voter registration card. 
Also, you will need a valid picture ID to vote. Polls open tomorrow morning at 6 and close at 7 p.m.