21 people arrested in Danville Police Department's 'Operation Blue Thunder'

Six people still at large

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville police have arrested 21 people as part of an investigating into drug sales, drug and weapon possession, and child pornography.

As of Tuesday night, six other people were still on the run.

Investigators presented evidence to a grand jury April 23.

As a result, 27 people were indicted.

"The Danville Police (Department's) special investigations division, along with assistance from our law enforcement partners," Deputy Danville Police Chief Lt. Col. Dean Hairston said, actively sought out and arrested the 27 people. 

Operation Blue Thunder began in July of 2017 and included 10 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The 27 people indicted face a combined 70 charges, most of which are federal.

Tuesday afternoon, the police department held a news conference to discuss Operation Blue Thunder.

"I think it's well established that firearms are connected to the illicit drug trade. Just in the process of going out and finding these individuals, we did execute additional search warrants based off what we found when we went out," Danville Police Department Capt. Matt Carter said.

"We also seized an additional six firearms. One of which, I know right off the top of my head, was stolen from a pawn shop burglary. I believe it was last year. Those cases are being reviewed by the ATF now and they may be going federal."

At Tuesday's news conference, Carter thanked the public for being patient while the operation was conducted.

He believes Operation Blue Thunder sends a strong message.

"We are going to investigate violations of the law and we're going to enforce the law," Carter said. "It's demonstrated time and again that firearms are tied to the illegal drug trade. When we tackle that, I believe that we are making the community safer."

He added that only time will tell the exact impact the operation has.

Warrants on file:

Phil Dennis Wilson: Three counts of marijuana distribution

Steven Michael Schilbe: Two counts of heroin distribution, one count of fentanyl distribution 

Miesha Jazmen Brown: One count of K-2 distribution

Corey Lamont Henry: One count cocaine distribution, two counts marijuana distribution

Kenneth Darnell Jones: One count possession with the intent to distribute cocaine

Antonio Lamont Jones: One count possess schedule II narcotic, one count possess K-2


Lavale Desean Lovelace: Three counts of marijuana distribution

Quamain Jamar Jackson: One count of falsifying firearm transaction form

Horace Undra Chamberlain: One count of possession with the intent to distribute oxycodone, one count of possession with the intent to distribute hydrocodone, one count of possession with the intent to distribute naloxone 

Tyler Aaron Webb: One count of distributing a schedule IV narcotic 

Raekwon Tyrik Fitzgerald: Three counts of marijuana distribution, one count of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, one count of possessing a firearm with dangerous narcotic

Joshua Kelly Gladin: Seven counts of possessing child pornography 

Marvin Isaiah Wilkerson: One count of possessing a firearm with dangerous narcotic, one count of possessing a controlled substance 

Jaywon Markee Woods: One count marijuana distribution, one count conspiring to distribute

Kelly Ann Williams: Two counts marijuana distribution, one count conspiracy to distribute marijuana

Tanjaneace Latesha Cook: One count falsifying firearm transaction form

Jamie Lynn Webb: One count cocaine possession, one count marijuana possession

Jeffrey Dean Willard: One count cocaine possession

Reginald Terrell Chappelle: One count cocaine possession, one count marijuana

Michael Lee Smith: One count marijuana distribution

Jacquline Lannette Jones: One count possession with intent to distribute K-2, one count possess cocaine, one count possess firearm with dangerous narcotic

Harry Lee Jr. Jones: One count cocaine distribution

Henrietta Stone: One count cocaine possession

Tommy Jamar West: One count cocaine possession

Priyanka Arielle Fitzgerald: One count cocaine distribution

Darrell Glenn Washington: One count possess firearm with dangerous drug, one count possess firearm by felon

Markia Janet Gwynn: One count falsifying a firearm transaction form, one count purchasing
firearm for ineligible person

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