New parking changes coming to Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va.- – Virginia Tech is starting a new parking permit system to make parking easier on one part of campus.

Starting Aug. 15 for student parking in the Perry Street lot and parking garage, students are required to have a permit costing $389 a year. 
A university spokesman said Perry Street is a part of campus that's growing very quickly.

The permit will eliminate the need to drive around and it will make the area less congested. Permits will only be given out to 1,700 students who want to use the area for parking. 

One graduate student said he's not sure if he wants to pay more for parking. 

"I think you either take the bus or just walk down. That's why we brought a house closer to campus," said Sareng Joshi, a graduate student. 

The current permit price for Perry Street is $289. The university will also be breaking ground on a new multi-modal transit facility on Perry Street next summer.