Virginia Man crashes $300,000 sports car one day after he bought it

McLaren 720s totaled in Great Falls, Va


GREAT FALLS, Va. – Imagine $300,000 gone in just one day. That was the case for a Virginia man who totaled his sports car, only one day after he bought it.

Fairfax County police said a northern Virginia driver totaled a newly purchased $300,000 sports car by driving too fast and slamming into a tree.

Fairfax County Police on Saturday posted a photo on Facebook of a badly mangled McLaren 720s leaning up against a relatively unscathed tree off to the side of a two-lane road in Great Falls.


In the Facebook post, police said the driver was taken to the hospital but his injuries were non-life threatening. The Facebook post said the $300,000 import had just been purchased on Friday.

Officers said this is the perfect reminder to slow down while driving, because sometimes it can really cost you.

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