Christiansburg High School football team plays first game on new turf field

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – There's something about Friday night football. 

At Christiansburg High School, this Friday night benefit game is special because it's being played on a brand-new turf field. 

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"This is a spectacular feeling. It's something we've been waiting on for a long time," said Tony Deibler, principal of Christiansburg High School. 

Last year, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors and the school board approved millions of dollars to be used for athletic field improvements. Friday night, members of both boards took the field and were honored for their part in making it all possible. 

"A lot of nice things have been done around the county at our other schools, and now our residents here in Christiansburg are saying 'Hey, it's our turn to upgrade our facilities as well,'" said Mark Miear, superintendent of Montgomery County Schools. 

Through each snap of the ball, tackle and touchdown, the transformation was easy to see. 

"It was a grass field. We had a huge crown on it, so if you were standing on one sideline and the ball was on the other sideline, you couldn't even see the ball," said Deibler. 

Officials say it's not only a win for players, but for the Christiansburg community as a whole. 

"The community loves Christiansburg high school sports. They support us. They come out," said Deibler. 

Next on the list of improvement goals: a new softball field, renovations to the baseball field, new restrooms and concession stands and hopefully, serious upgrades to the high school itself.