Kaine comments on trade deal, wide-ranging bill, remembering McCain

The senator spoke to the media Tuesday

ROANOKE, Va. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, D-Va., spoke to media members Tuesday through a teleconference and touched on a few different topics.

Wide-ranging Senate bill
Kaine approves of a new bill that would fund many projects across America.

He voted for a bill that passed the Senate last week. It would fund programs in defense, workforce training, health care and education.

Those in favor of the bill praise the positive impact they say it’ll have on the economy.

Kaine says it’s a strong bill and will, in part, fund research for conditions that affect children.

“We feel very excited about that as well as significant new investments in battling addiction, not just opioid addiction, but other addictions as well,” Kaine said.

Corey Stewart, the Republican challenger in this November’s Senate race, said in a statement:

"The bill Kaine touts is a classic product of the DC Swamp -- nothing but horsetrading between entrenched incumbents, leaving current and future taxpayers holding the bag."

Trade deal with Mexico
10 News asked the senator about president Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States and Mexico have reached a trade agreement.

President Trump said Monday that the two countries have agreed to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

Kaine said he supports the president’s decision to see if the countries can make NAFTA better, but he says the existing deal has been good for America. He’s confused as to why Canada wouldn’t be included in these talks, and he’s hoping to hear more details on the deal.

“Like many deals that the administration has announced, we haven’t been given any details,” Kaine said. “We really don’t know what this means with respect to Mexico.”

President Trump had threatened previously to end the deal, which started a year of discussion. He said previously that he blames NAFTA for a decline in American manufacturing jobs, particularly in the car industry.

Stewart said in a statement to 10 News that the deal helps equalize the trade balance between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. He said:

"President Trump is keeping his promise to renegotiate NAFTA so all American workers can benefit." 

Remembering McCain
Lawmakers are continuing to remember the life of Sen. John McCain, and Kaine said Tuesday that it’s been an emotional two days back at work in Washington.

He said that members of Congress have been swapping stories about the late senator this week at work. Kaine, a Democrat, said McCain, a Republican, is sorely missed in many ways. 

Kaine said he got back to work Monday in McCain’s honor, in his office, which used to be McCain’s.

“When I walked back into that office yesterday, for the first time coming into the office since John died, I really powerfully felt his presence there, and I powerfully feel his absence,” Kaine said.

The Virginia senator said McCain comforted him after the 2016 election, when Kaine was the vice presidential nominee, saying McCain related to him after his 2008 presidential election loss.

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