USPS prices could rise in 2019

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

ROANOKE, Va. – Depending on what you mail, you may be paying more when stopping in the Post Office at the start of the new year. 

According to a statement from the U.S. Postal Service, the proposed prices would raise rates by about 2.5 percent. 

While some prices will increase, including the First-Class Mail Forever stamp rate going from 50 cents to 55 cents, some prices will decrease. 

The single-piece additional ounce price will be reduced to 15 cents, so a 2-ounce stamped letter, such as a typical wedding invitation, will cost less to mail, decreasing from 71 cents to 70 cents.

Here's an itemized list of all of the possible rate changes for mailing services: 

Letters (1 oz.)50 cents55 cents
Letters additional ounces21 cents15 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)47 cents50 cents
Outbound International Letters (1 oz.)$1.15$1.15
Domestic Postcards 35 cents35 cents


Below are the proposed domestic Priority Mail Retail Flat Rate price changes: 

Small Flat Rate Box$7.20$7.90
Medium Flat Rate Box$13.65$14.35
Large Flat Rate Box$18.90$19.95
APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box$17.40$18.45
Regular Flat Rate Envelope$6.70$7.35
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$7.00$7.65
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$7.25$8.00


The prices have already been approved by the governors of the Postal Service and are awaiting approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission. 

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