EF-2 tornado confirmed in Halifax County

Storm Friday evening dropped a quick tornado in Halifax County


SCOTTSBURG, Va. – After a storm damage assessment Saturday afternoon, the National Weather Service in Blacksburg has confirmed that a EF-2 tornado touched down in eastern Halifax County. Estimated wind speeds got up to 125 mph, as the twister traveled roughly 2 miles.

Their full report can be seen here.

Two homes received significant damage, with one having its roof and porch blown off. The other received damage from downed trees. One vehicle was moved about 25 feet. Several mailboxes were blown away, along with multiple large hay bales. No one was injured during the storm.

Why no warning?

There was no warning on this storm, because of how quickly it spun up.

Radar scans from the time of the storm show a little bit of spin (pictured on the left west of Clover). This showed up briefly prior to the National Weather Service's estimated touchdown.

On the right-hand side of the image, the ball of yellow shows non-meteorological phenomenon. This is likely debris that was lofted into the air and detected by radar. 


Both of these signatures were gone within five-to-ten minutes. 

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