VT official issues apology for international student flyer mishap

International student photo didn't include international students

BLACKSBURG – A Virginia Tech official issued an apology to the Asian-Pacific Islander community on campus after an upset over what some considered an offensive promotional flyer for international students.

The flyer was posted around campus for an upcoming survey. It was used to urge international students to compete the survey to tell Virginia Tech ‘what is and is not working well’ with regard to making campus better for international students.

The problem as one student noted on Twitter, is none of the students in the photo used on the flyer are international.

After the student's tweet gained the attention of Tech officials, an executive director with student affairs Hunter Gresham issued an apology addressed to the Asian-Pacific Islander community.

"I realize my apology does not quickly nor simply erase the hurt and harm I've caused, and that this instance is but one of many microaggressions suffered daily by those of underrepresented identities. 

I also know when it is necessary that I offer an apology. This is, without question, one of those times. 

I am truly sorry," Gresham said.

The Asian American Student Union posted a response Thursday on its Facebook page.

“Although Virginia Tech strives to improve diversity and inclusion, incidents such as this diminish any progress made. None of the students pictured are international and, yet, they become the poster-children for international students,” their letter read.

Anna Enkhtur, member of the Asian American student union, said in an email they are working with administration to outline the next steps.

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