'I killed her': Radford student told police when she was arrested, warrant says

Police say Cutting opened the door, covered in blood

RADFORD, Va. – Search warrants reveal new information about the stabbing death of a Radford University student.

** Reader discretion is advised as some of the details below may be considered graphic ** 

On Thursday morning, in the 911 call, the warrant says the dispatcher could hear a woman yelling and making reference to a knife.

When police responded to the apartment in the 1200 block of Clement Street, 21-year-old Luisa Cutting opened the door, covered in blood, according to the warrant.

Cutting then turned around, put her hands behind her head and the warrant says she said, "Arrest me."

When an officer asked what was going on, she said, "I killed her," according to the warrant.

The warrant also details what officers saw inside the apartment.

They saw Alexa Cannon lying on the ground with multiple stab wounds.

Police found Cannon’s cellphone under her left hand and they took a black, serrated knife off her body.

The search warrants show officers took the phone and knife, as well as clothes, pictures, pills, grinders, five smoking devices and a brown chalk-like substance.

Both Cutting and Cannon are on the lease for the apartment, according to the warrant.

Cannon, who is from Roanoke, graduated Patrick Henry High School in 2016 and according to her social media profiles, was planning to graduate Radford University in 2020.

Update, 6:30 p.m. Friday:
As the investigation continues, police are still looking into what the motive could have been, according to city spokeswoman Jenni Wilder.

“It’s a tragedy,” Wilder said. “Stuff like this doesn’t happen in Radford that often and it’s definitely something really tragic for our community, very tragic for the university community.”

The murder was the first homicide in the city in three years and there've been just two in the last eight years, neither of which involved Radford University students.

University officials have made sure counselors have been available for students and staff. Spokeswoman Caitlyn Scaggs said the community is heartbroken and devastated.

“She will be greatly missed by many. She was a very involved student, a psychology major, and involved in a series of clubs and organizations across the campus,” Scaggs said.

There is no date set yet for an initial court appearance for Cutting. Police are still asking anyone with information to contact them.