Court mediation held between Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center and neighbors suing nonprofit

Mediation follows months of legal battles

ROANOKE, Va – A court mediation was held Friday between leaders at the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center and the neighbors suing the center, Stan and Jane Seymour, Adrian Maver and spouse Blaine Creasy.

Brief details about the mediation were released on the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center’s social media accounts as it thanked followers for continued support throughout the legal suit and in mediation.

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According to the post, mediation will be continued in 30-40 days.

“The judge is hoping for a settlement, ending the two lawsuits,” the post said. “The center needs this to stop so we may divert funds spent to litigate, back toward the care and rehabilitation of each of our animals.”

Multiple fundraisers have been held over the past several months to help the center with mounting attorneys' fees of an estimated $50,000 or more that will fall directly on the nonprofit.

Currently a Gofundme page has raised more than $5,000 for the center. 

“Our opponents have deeper pockets than we do, please consider a donation to help us keep the lights on so we may continue to give wildlife a second chance. Any donation amount that supersedes the listed goal will be used for wildlife care,” the page said.

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