How to ward off chocolate cravings

If you love chocolate, you're not alone. One recent poll shows chocolate is the No. 1 craved food in the US.

According to the Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Susan Albers, our brains are wired so when the thought of chocolate pops into our heads, our brains begin to elaborate on it. 

She says before we know it, we're thinking about how it smells and tastes, and then we want more. To diffuse those consuming thoughts, think about something else as quickly as possible.

If chocolate is still calling your name, try getting up and taking a 15-minute walk. Research has shown that this can help ward off cravings. 

Dr. Albers suggests making a plan with your significant other to avoid it altogether. 

"The two of you can agree, 'We're going to skip the chocolate this year,' but make a game plan for what you might buy instead because it's often the thought that counts," Dr. Albers said.

If you decide to go for some chocolate, buy a smaller box and sit down to eat it. 

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