Virginia Tech students combine data and sports to create NCAA Final Four bracket

BLACKSBURG, Va. – March Madness is also creeping its way into the classroom. Virginia Tech students are using it as an opportunity to learn about data analytics.

It's one of the traditions in Bill Roth's Introduction to Sports Media course. Students spent the last few weeks studying the advanced analytics of every team that may make the tournament. 

Once the field was set on Sunday, they went through all the individual team sheets and the matchups. Roth says the bracketology project was inspired by some alumni who in the past have correctly projected the Final Four each season.

"Each student had to do a bracket for this class and then what we did is compiled everyone's picks into one group class bracket, as well. So I always joke that Quinnipiac in Connecticut always does the presidential projections of who will win elections, though Virginia Tech will project who will make the Final Four," said Roth, ESPN broadcaster and VT Professor of Practice. 

Despite being Hokies, the students selected Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee and Gonzaga as the teams they think will make the Final Four. 

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