How much are Roanoke city trees worth?

New project raises awareness for environmental, economic benefits of trees

ROANOKE, Va. – Do you know how much trees are worth in Roanoke city? If you take a look around, you might find some price tags.

The Roanoke City Tree Tag Project is organized by Roanoke Parks and Recreation, Stormwater division and Roanoke Tree Stewards.

They are trying to raise awareness about the economic benefits that trees provide, such as increasing property values, improving water and air quality and lowering energy costs by keeping cities cooler in the summer.

"These price tags hanging on the tree might remind people -- first of all -- how long that tree's been there, but also all the things that they do for us without ever asking for thanks," said Jamie King, the city arborist.

If you would like to calculate the worth of trees near you, click here. 

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