CBD makeup: Benefits and safety factors

A dermatologist weighs in on the new products

CBD, a cannabis-derived oil seems to be in almost everything these days: shampoo, oils, now even makeup.

People loyal to the product say it can heal ailments and reduce anxiety, but just how safe are the beauty products that are popping up? 

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The ingredient this article is focusing on is CBD, and does not contain THC which is found in marijuana and gives a high. Since CBD has become legal in many states, it's taking off in products faster than researchers can say who should use it.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham, a dermatologist, said she anticipates this will benefit some people with skin problems like acne.

"What's really exciting is this new advent of CBD and skin products. We know CBD can be anti-inflammatory. The downside is we don't have a lot of data yet so we're really embarking on a new area of CBD containing products and as time goes on we're going to have more information,” Ingraham said.

The risk with not having enough data is that doctors are unclear what the side effects are.

“So when we get the data, we'll know specifically what skin conditions they can benefit and how best they can help our skin and I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing that data,” Ingraham said.

Ingraham said there's likely a very small percentage of CBD in makeup products so it probably doesn't hurt to try it. But as with anything, you may have a reaction and not know which ingredient caused it, so she recommended testing it on a small patch of skin before rubbing it all over.

The laws on CBD vary state by state, and remain a bit hazy.

Doctor Ingraham warns against ordering CBD products online where you might not know exactly what you're getting.

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