Locally made product now on shelves at 500+ Wal-Mart's across country

X-Top is a unique product for male incontinence

ROANOKE, Va. – A locally made product is now on the shelves of more than 500 Walmart stores across the country, including two in Roanoke.

McAirlaid’s in Rocky Mount created a first-of-its-kind men's health product called X-Top.
X-Top is designed specifically for men who suffer from incontinence.

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"I think we can help many men with this product,” said McAirlaid’s President Paul Maksimow.

Maksimow said the new partnership is groundbreaking for the company and the consumer.

“This is a very innovative, new unique product that we can offer to males who suffer from incontinence so we think we have a real success in front of us," Maksimow said.

The company's been in production for the past year shortly after a Walmart buyer picked up the product last spring. McAirlaid’s leaders said this is a huge milestone for the company. Sales Manager Robert Greer said employees even went to Walmart to capture the moment.

“It was very exciting, to where we even took pictures, kept the receipt and all of that so it was really neat to see that on the shelves,” Greer said.

Before X-Top, the majority of products out there for men to choose from were either designed for women or infants. Greer said the product poses a solution to a very common problem.

"It’s a very unique solution to a very common problem. From a demographic standpoint as a male, if we live long enough we are going to probably be faced with issues with prostate and at least be temporarily incontinent,” Greer said.

So far, customer response has been positive. 

"It's been very touching to hear stories from our customers about how it's changed their lifestyle for the better,” Greer said.

McAirlaid's will return to Bentonville, Arkansas next week to pitch a new product they produce called ‘Autozorb.' The product is made with its patented airlaid material, which absorbs auto oil leaks. The product has already seen success from the company’s German counterparts overseas.

The team is hoping to receive another buyer during their pitch, continuing their product expansion at Walmart.

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