New general education program at University of Lynchburg includes 'Harry Potter' classes

Professors say seminars will help students develop writing, thinking skills

LYNCHBURG, Va. – First-year students at the University of Lynchburg could become "Harry Potter" experts in and out the classroom, thanks to a new program.
This week, new students are on campus to sign up for classes.
Among their choices is a new general education program being offered by the university.
For the first time, students can choose a variety of topics such as music and revolution, and one course titled "Harry Potter and the Good Life."

 Professors say some seminars help students develop their writing and thinking skills.
In the "Harry Potter" course, teachers will integrate the fifth volume edition to contemporary issues.

"He (Dr. Devin Brickhouse Bryson) going to be introducing philosophical concepts from Platos, Socrates and Aristotle, and asking students to think about the 'Harry Potter' series in depth," Amy Merrill Willis, coordinator of integrated seminars, said.

Classes start in August.

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