Roanoke cyclist raises concerns about safety of Colonial Avenue

Edward Cake says grooves in road for construction make road unsafe

ROANOKE, Va. – Construction on Colonial Avenue near Virginia Western may be a headache for drivers, but for cyclist Edward Cake it has proven to be downright dangerous.

Pictures he took after crashing on the road when one of his bike tires got caught in the grooves shows his right arm heavily scrapped up.

Cake says he was able to get the contractor to fill the grooves, but shortly after, a storm washed away the filling and nothing has been done since.

After months of unsuccessfully trying to get the contractor to refill the grooves, Cake reached out to 10 News.

On Wednesday, 10 News reached out to the project manager but did not get a response.

"I think it's definitely a tricky area to navigate on a bike and the road is definitely rough and I think the drivers are confused around there," Cardinal Bicycles co-owner Stratton Delany said.

Delany is an avid cyclist.

He encourages cyclists to avoid the area if they can, but believes the construction is worthwhile.