Local artist creates mural to honor Monacan Tribe in Amherst

Esther Candari hopes to finish mural next week

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Drive through Second and Goodwin Streets in Downtown Amherst and you'll see a mural that will get your attention. 

Local artist, Esther Candari, is painting an image of two Monacan women to honor the tribe in the county. 

Candari and county administrator Dean Rodgers discussed creating the mural two years ago. 

After that, tribal members modeled for the Liberty University during the tribe's Pow Wow. Candari started painting last week, creating an image she wanted to capture of their everyday life. 

The painting is on the side of the Goodwin building. 

Tribe members tell 10 News, in the 1960's during school integration, they were brought to that same building to sign up for school. 

"We came out that basement door. They bought us out that basement door and in that basement door to get signed up for school. It has a great meaning for me," Monacan Tribe  Council member Sue Elliot said.

"I also wanted to capture inter-generationality. So we have an older figure and a younger figure and that passing of culture," Candari said.

Candari hopes to finish the mural by next week.