Lynchburg teens create new public art, website to showcase murals across city

Students of Vector Space summer camp call mural: 'Sunset on the James'

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The next time you’re on Church Street in Lynchburg you may notice some new art in the area.

Six local teens with Vector Space’s summer camp painted a mural on the steps near the Lynchburg Business Alliance.

Withhelp from local artists, Vector Space and a painting company, the students created "Sunset on the James". They wanted to incorporate the James River and the Blue Ridge Mountains in their painting.

Organizers say in one week the student also took pictures of more art in downtown and created Lynchburg’s first website showcasing public art.

“We really wanted a place where people who are art fans and want to see public art, know where they can find it. So there's not just a listing of all of the art with pictures. There's also artist information” Elise Spontarelli, with Vector Space, said.

To check out the new website click here and if you know of a mural or painting in Lynchburg that’s not mentioned on the website, organizers want you to tell them.

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