Hundreds remain without power in Danville due to severe weather

DANVILLE, Va.4:30 a.m. Update:

Around 400 people remain without power.

9:20 Update:

In Danville, Charlotte Ave and Shumate Street are closed until further notice. 

Police say those streets received the most damage from Thursday afternoon storms. 

A drone is now being used to determine the scope of the damage which includes trees downed on homes, cars, and power poles. 

The National Weather Service says they are investigating what could be a downburst in the area

Original Story:

Around 1,600 people are without power in Danville after the area was hit with severe weather. 

Officials say there is no estimate for when power will be back on. 

Trees and power lines are down and houses are damaged in the Westover area, according to the Danville Fire Department. Streets impacted include Blaid Loop Road, Hayes Court, Shumate Street and Shady Lane. Officials say a tree removal service is working on cleanup in the area. 

The city's emergency management coordinator says a house on Charlotte Street was heavily damaged. 

One person was reportedly home, but they were not hurt. The residents will be staying with family.

Authorities say several other homes have minor damage. 

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information is available.

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