Dogs from Michael Vick dogfighting scandal tracked down 12 years later

11 of the 47 dogs are still alive

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Washington Post reporter found out what happened to the dogs at the center of former Virginia Tech star Michael Vick's 2007 dogfighting scandal.

In her piece published to the Post Wednesday, reporter Emily Giambalvo talked with the shelters that housed the rescued dogs and the owners of the dogs about the case. Giambalvo said 11 of the 47 dogs rescued are still alive today, and many of the dogs went on to live happy lives as house pets.

Giambalvo said Vick's football fame helped spread the issue of animal rights to a widespread audience when the scandal broke.

"Because of the way these dogs took on this platform in the spotlight, I do think they'll have an impact even when they're all gone," Giambalvo told 10 News Thursday. "I think it's something animal welfare organizations point back to and say, 'Remember the Michael Vick dogs.'"

Giambalvo also said the success of the 47 dogs showed that fight dogs can be rehabilitated if they are rescued.

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