Efforts to bring back foot traffic to downtown Buena Vista is ongoing

BUENA VISTA, Va.- – Efforts to bring back a vibrant downtown Buena Vista are continuing. Several properties have been identified for renovations are potentials for sale and lease. 

A view of the mountains is something Jamie Goodin hopes will appeal to future business owners and entrepreneurs in Buena Vista. 

"The beautiful view. That's what the city is named after. We have access to the Appalachian trial, the interstate exchange. "

He is the project manager for GO-BV. Many of their signs are posted on several properties along the main street in downtown. 

There's already ideas for several of the empty storefronts. It's all part of revitalizing the area with a vision in mind.

"Within the last few decades, BV will be a place where there will be shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic on the sidewalks, no place to park, bumper-to bumper-traffic from block to block," said Goodin. 

Goodin promises critics, the next six months will be busy for downtown Buena Vista. He encourages input for the city in Buena Vista because he wants everyone to be involved in the process moving forward.

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Irisha Jones

Irisha joined the WSLS news team in January 2017 after spending four years as a reporter in Georgia.

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