Spooky love sign in Lynchburg attracting visitors

The Dentons spent 15 hours decorating the sign

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A spooky love sign is getting a lot of attention in Lynchburg. 

The sign created with palettes and decorated with cobwebs can be found on Memorial Avenue. 

Many Denton and her husband Jon typically decorate their home for Halloween, but say they wanted to try something new this year. 

The couple spent 15 hours decorating the sign. 

It went up Oct. 1 and people have been stopping by just to take pictures of it. 

"We were talking about our Halloween decorations, and I was, like, you know, I wonder if Virginia has a spooky love sign. And I was like, dude if anyone, we should do it," Denton said.

"I love it. Halloween is great anyway. They put a lot of work into it anyway and its really unique," said Wendy Luizza, who stopped by to take a picture.

Denton said they're not done decorating. They're working on something even bigger and will continue adding more decoration throughout the month. 

Denton said people can stop by to take pictures.