Old William Byrd High School in Vinton transformed into Billy Byrd Apartments

Developers keep history alive with original details

VINTON, Va.- – After $11 million in costs later and almost two years of work, the former William Byrd High School is called Billy Byrd Apartments. 

Instead of classes filled with students, there will be beds and kitchens. It's now called Billy Byrd Apartments

Dave McCormack of Waukeshaw Development converted the classrooms into 83 apartments.

'"All the historic fabric we kept. And that's really key, all the way down to the trim and doors," said McCormack. 

Even the gym was put to use. Apartments were built into that space resembling a small community. Some of the flooring will be the focal point inside various units. McCormack saw the building a few years back and recognized its potential.

"There are unbelievable views from here, the building was gorgeous. It's a real iconic building and really amazing place. So I really love the proximity to downtown Vinton and to Roanoke."

He says the small town feel and yet urban setting of Vinton will attract all kinds of tenants.

"It's really a mix of young professional, working people, empty nesters. It runs the whole gamut."

Ten of the 83 units have already been rented at Billy Byrd. The official ribbon cutting is Thursday at 2 p.m. in Vinton.

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