Local ghost expert analyzes spooky surveillance video

'It was just shocking. I mean, I was just, 'What is that?''

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – When Liz Edlich put a security camera outside her Roanoke County home, she thought she'd protect her family and maybe catch a mailman or a neighbor coming up to her door. But, she never expected to see a white ghost-like orb hovering on her porch at 2:30 one morning.

"It was just shocking. I mean, I was just, 'What is that?'" Edlich said. "Like some kind of a ghost and it was either trying to get on the porch or trying to stay off the porch. I don't know what he was doing, but it was pretty freaky."

Edlich posted the video online and got some pretty crazy guesses from friends and neighbors.

"A friend of mine said it's a 'poultry-geist,'" Edlich said laughing. 

She has never really believed in ghosts, but a graveyard is in her neighborhood. And when her daughter was 3 years old, she saw something like the white orb after Edlich's sister died.

"She said she came in, and she was a light in a corner," Edlich said. "When she saw the second video, she was like, 'That was what Aunt Debbie looked like.'"

10 News called a local paranormal expert, Shaun Mitchell, to take a look at the video. He said the glowing orb is not anything paranormal.

"I'd definitely say it would be a spider," said Mitchell, who runs Haunted Things in the Star City.

He said there are certain things that give it away, including the light reflecting off the web.

"The night vision is making the little spider glow," Mitchell said.

However, Edlich said this isn't the only spooky thing that's happened at her home. Two days after she caught the orb on camera, the video suddenly stopped recording until almost 4 in the morning, when it filmed a black cat.

And Edlich said she got a call from her security company that something had set off a heat-activated motion detector in her basement when no one and no pets were home.

"That was quite strange," Edlich said.

Mitchell said he is confident the glowing orb caught on camera is a spider, but the incident in the basement could be something paranormal.

"There's stuff that's unexplainable out there," Mitchell said.

Whatever the glowing orb was, Edlich said it's certainly a form of Halloween entertainment.

"It's very strange," Edlich said. "But it's been a lot of fun."

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